Während Frederic Lemalet bei seinen fotojournalistischen Aufenthalten zwischen den französischen Alpen und Tibet hin und her pendelte, leistete er wichtige Beiträge zu Artikeln über Tibet in folgenden Zeitschriften: Le Monde Magazin, Le Figaro Magazine, Natio­nal Geographic, GEO, VSD, Royal Geo­graphic. Zurzeit arbeitet Lemalet an eini­gen Büchern, sowie an der Konzeption einer Ausstellung in ganz Frankreich. Während der Ausstellung können seine Fotos käuflich erworben werden. Der Erlös geht dabei an verschiedene Projekte zur Erhal­tung der Kultur in Tibet.


Like other young men, Frederic Lemalet travelled the world in search for answers to his questions (Who are we? Why are we here? Etc…)These travels made him spend long periods in different places on this planet like Alaska, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, China, Nepal, etc…These different travels also brought him to Tibet, a place where he finally finds not only answers to his questions, but also people who are a living example of what he would like to resemble.

Sharing his time between French Alps and Tibet, Frederic Lemalet also contributed to many articles about Tibet in magazines like: Le Monde magazine, Le Figaro magazine, National Geographic, Geo, VSD, Royal Geographical.. . At the moment he is working on a couple of books and turning an exhibition all over France. During the exhibition, photos are on sale and profit is used for different culture preservation projects in Tibet.

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