Image, Impact, Action?

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19. Juni 2012 11:00
19. Juni 2012 13:00

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Symposium on the role of photography in bringing global social and humanitarian issues to public attention in our societies and hot issues of cooperation between photographers and picture editors in the NGO.

Diskussionspanel zur Bedeutung der Fotografie für die Arbeit internationaler NGO und zu Fragen der Zusammenarbeit zwischen Fotograf/innen und Bildredakteur/innen der NGO.
(in engl. Sprache)

With: Bruno Decock, International Photo Editor, Ärzte ohne Grenzen (Brussels), Claudia Hinterseer, NOOR, General Manager, Robert King, photographer, Wayne Minter Audiovisual Resources Manager, IRP Program, Amnesty International, International Secretariat, London

Moderation: Michael Pfister, picture editor

The panel will discuss questions as following:
How does the cooperation of NGO and photographers work specifically?
What’s the role of local photographers versus internationally acknowledged photographers from Europe or USA? What are the specific criteria and conditions that photographers have to fulfill working with humanitarian NGO?

To what aims and aspects of work are photographers commissioned mostly? How does the general public respond to image based campaigns and actions?
How has the development of the internet and mobile technologies impacted NGO cooperation with photographers? How does one deal with the challenges of depicting victimization of people without stigmatizing victims, creating an emotional impact through great images without aesthteticizing misery and atrocities? How has the meaning of photography for NGO work changed over the last 20 years what are challenges and opportunities for the future regards this relationship?

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