Bazan Cuba

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20. Juni 2012 16:30
20. Juni 2012 18:00

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Ernesto Bazan by Geralyn Shukwit-Cachoeira

The audio visual will show the production process and the editing sessions of the two last books by Ernesto Bazan, Bazan Cuba and Al campo, with his students.
“The Cuban farmland opened up new windows of opportunity for my work.  From 2001 to 2005 I spent long periods of time with them. I made new friends while wandering in this unique landscape that strongly reminded me of my Sicilian countryside. I returned regularly to visit my friends Fidel, land their families. Our interactions allowed me the opportunity to experience and photograph intimate rituals such as working in the fields, sharing meals, smoking sugar-tasting cigars rolled before my eyes by Fidel’s skilfull hands, sipping sweet rum shots as we conversed about the sowing and the harvesting of crops and about our families and our existence. My way of shooting changed. Taking pictures became almost part of this ritual–it was no longer the main priority, just a component of this rich exchange among human beings.

My new color book Al Campo was self-published again as we did with my first book in b&w simply entitled Bazan Cuba three years ago. In the process of making this book I got over 70 of my students involved. … The more I do books with all their help the more I strongly believe that choral editing is the best and only way that I can make a book “  Ernesto Bazan

After the talk there will be a book sale and signing by Ernesto Bazan.

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